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Happy Birthday Suzie.. I shall see u mananan at the GYM !!

No clue at all what my time was. I used a 12# ball for the ab mat sit ups and wall balls. Can I reserve a 10# ball for Saturday? Can I call dibs right now?

Thanks Denise for letting Trudy tag along. She loved you.

Thanks everyone for the awesome birthday wishes.

Mahalo Betsy for the island themed cake!

6:58 with 14# 2fers and 10# wall ball abs. Exhausting!!!! But I didn't cheat tonight :)

7:25 ( I think! ) [6lbs on GHD's & 14lbs on 2 for 1's]

Suzie: 誕生日おめでとう

Fellow Dodgers Fans: I guess we'll wait another year again! :-(

Happy Birthday Ms. Suzie!! (:

Gracias, jefe.

JC, give yourself a raise! Perfect way to support through maintaining that standard! A standard, by the way, that "Besty" has no problem reaching. Good job Bets. Suzie taught you guys well...

Y Feliz Cumpleanos Susanita!

7:33 rx'd
Happy B Dat Suzie!

Okay, okay...BUZZKILL. My lovely boss informed me today that the rowing machine clocks turn off when you stop rowing...go figure. So the stellar "on the tails of Suzie" time I posted last night is null and void. Yes, I did all my rowing in the time frame posted, but if you add up all my breaks and would obviously be much longer. Can someone please verify? I'm special. When is the cartwheel wod? I'll rock that one. :)

4:58 Rx'd
Happy Birthday Suzie!!

9:54 rx'd
Happy Birthday Suzie!

Thanks everybody! I am so very grateful to count you as friends. You have all added so much to my life.

Happy happy day to you my fellow Libra!! This world is a far better place with you in it...I'm blessed to have crossed paths with you. Cake tonight...Aloooooooha :)

Happy Birthday Suzie!

That tanktop truly explains the type of athlete you are. Keep up the good work young lady! BGTY!!!!


Thanks Denise!

Happy Birthday Suzie !

Happy Birthday Suzie!!!

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