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Done at LAF.

45 # bar on hang clean squats.

Assisted Dip machine at 90 #

Shoulder Wod Mod: 5 rounds
20 alternating jumping lunges
20 ghds
20 jumping squats
20 genie sits(kneeling, lean back)
20 double unders
34:28, Shoulder Boy: 35:04
Ouch...thats going to leave a mark! Girls, good job on the massive kb swings! :)

10:33 with 35# bar and bands for the ring dips. Also ran a mile. 75+ sit ups 25 back extensions, 15 lKB shoulder height w/52# KB. Yep, I'm making up for the sins of my weekend.

Jud.... Come in buddy.... A-Team here Pal...

Happy Birthday Sara !

And so did we Joe! Full squat cleans.

by the way, isn't it supposed to be squat cleans?
When I went to the main website, on the demo's, weren't they doing squat cleans?!

9:52 @ school. (70lbs)
[squat cleans & regular(not ring) dips]

My thoughts exactly Suzie...and check out his time!! It took me 5 minutes to just read all of those exercises!!!!

Happy birthday Sara!!!! :)

If many lines of your McDonalds app do you have filled in?

John, are you making up for last weekend's sins or planning for this weekend?

Happy Birthday Sara

I would say more towards Justified even...

A little warm up for the weekend...
15 DUs
10 squats
10 pullups
10 squats
15 DUs
30 m run backwards w/ 50 lb sand bag
30 m forewards with sand bag
30 m backwards with sand bag
15 power cleans 115 lbs
30 m forewards with sand bag
400 m run

9:47 #95
Max effort OHS

It's Dexter now..... Or South Land....

Jud, that is a hilarious post!!! I can totally picture it. And I loved Adam 12 :)

Happy Birthday Sara!!!

Looking Good Grania!!

BLOM, I just picture you two sitting next to each other, on the couch watching old Adam 12 reruns, posting comments on your smart cute.

Heck yeah!!!
If the pros are hitting squat cleans it must me the way to go!!!
But honestly if you've done this one without (sqt clns) remember its not about the weight but about form and it's relation to functionality in real life so choose ur options wisely but keep it safe and functional!

Looking forward to getting back in more often this week with all of you inspirational folks!!

SQUAT CLEANS....If you dare!!!!GAME ON FOLKS!!!

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