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Suzie...we prefer Jetsy!'re on! We'll be the perfect team :)

12:13 w/45 # and blue bands for the pull ups. Thanks Denise for the cueing on the thrusters.

Hey Betsy, I LIVE in mod town... we'll make a good team, you run I'll lift :-)

3:08 rx (pr)

Betsy does that make you and your gym buddy Bethn or Johsy?

HOLY CRAP JOHN....3:26??? Hardly worth getting dressed and coming in for it, eh? :) Good job!!!

Love the Blom and Debgar. What about Stenise? Deneve?

Congrats on the PR's, Jud and John!

I'll be happy just to get through more thrusters.

Tomwhohastoomanynames, I'm really looking forward to your presentation.

3:26 rx'd (pr)

Jud is that like the Debgar?

"3 weeks off any upper body" sounds almost like something I read in the coupon that with the purchase of any lower body or trunk?

ps Bets, watch out for that evil boss...he can be a hammer!

TommyBoyFreightTrainwhogaveBlairPinkshoesTomAir...get well quick and promise me you'll make a point to do that great thing where one clears the throat loudly, stops, swallows and continues talking...very Westside I would think. Hope to hear it tomorrow dude.

ps I've always thought the Combo Moniker "Blom!" would be cool for you two.

WELL WELL... Im slowly recovering from a stubborn headcold, but it will all be worth it tommorow... Not only do I have my sights set on a killer HERO wod but I am looking forward to bringing some WESTSIDE methodology to those who stick around after tomorrows beat-down!!!
Cant wait to get back in there and see you all...

Unga Jud. Me eat like Viking caveman for breakfast. Congrats on the PR!

Thank God for my wounded shoulder, I don't have to call in scared, just busted. Whew!! I'll miss you Fran...NOT!!!
Doctors orders: 3 weeks off any upper body, focus on cardio, core, legs. Welcome to WOD MOD City..population: me! Well, and my evil boss too, if he'll do what the doctor says. :)

4:10 pr
broke after 10 thrusters
from the ground
bfast at 400 steak,guac and a carrot

5:48 rx'd

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