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4 rds + 22 = 1 run shy of 5 rds Rxd....whew! Took me forever to catch my breath! Missing tomorrow....going to see Sara Bareilles in concert...whoop whoop! :)
JBC = 4rds Rxd

How is it something as simple as counting my rounds eludes me? Shezzzz. Oh well, it was rope pulls, 10# wall balls.

Rowed 5K

I'm sorry as well!! I can't help myself sometimes! Ok... all the time! My mind is awful!!

John, I totally agree, it's all there on Youtube. Though my wife once thought I was a cute guy, I have never purchased any shoes of any color for Blair...the props came from Tom.

Thanks Suzie. Julie and I will be appearing at the gym in morning, and the Hollywood Improv in the evening for the rest of the week. Tickets are not cheap, but I may have a hook up for you.

3 rounds + 2 rope climbs

Don't stop, Jud and Julie!
You bring smiles and smirks to our days.

Thanks Jud...You Tube has any instruction you need.

There's just so much there that's not appropriate. I'm sorry you all end up reading this stuff.

7 seconds short...or should I say long of 4 rounds rx'd

5 + 2. Tired.

4 rds rx'd.

Jud... I'm always here to help!! You can thank me in person later... When I show you how to get low on a SNATCH!! And for the record... I ONLY complained on the rope climb!! But I still did it!! And how lucky were you... it was just the two of us!! My poor husband barely gets me alone!! :))

Hey John, great video, I prob should have gone the YouTube route...
Great job on that zots press Wod that is true flexibility brother!!

Thank you, thank you for all the advice. Turns out all the coaching I needed was Julie complaining, "Why is this so hard????!!" through the whole workout to keep my leg skin happy, supple and unburned. For this, I say "thank you"

6rounds rx'd

9:08 ring extentions/sots press wod rx'd

Here's another rope instructional video for you Jud

C'mon Jud an experienced cfr like yourself should know how to climb a rope without burning ur legs....
If the Spanish wrap doesn't work for you try the over-under technique...
There's def a cupl good articles regarding rope climbs on there taught by Adrian Bozman or related articles for rich froning... And if u or others don't have the journal your skin may thank you for the inexpensive $25 yearly fee for journal...
For example

Stand by for "Rope Burn City"

Hook me up with some leftovers Matty!!!

Just bought a cooker ! Let the cooking begin.

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