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Blair..helpful hint..remember NOT to drink and comment. :)

Jud/Paula.... You are both very naughty... No pink inov8's for either of you...

54:???? RX'D ....

Goooooooooo Navy!!!!

And I'm out!!!!

I want pink inov8's too! Ask Santa for me too even though I have been very naughty :)

I'm thinking this is the first time doing "all of Eva", that ain't no lady!
45:41 rx'd
torn hands by round 4..better tape next time.
chucks..may not have been as big a deal as I thought. If only I had some hot pink inov8 running shoes...may have to get on Santa's lap for that one..hmmmmmm

Modified Eva @ local school.

Approx 650m run, 35 db swings, 30 pullups (pushups on 5th round, started ripping). 34:46.

Eva kicks butt anywhere!

43:40 #53 K/B
Good job everybody!

You know, I guess it's the holidays cause "Eva" sounds so nice and gentle like Eve, as in Christmas, or Ave as in Ave Maria. But nooooo, Eva must be their evil twin.

The PC way of saying this is Eva bites!

I rowed rather than running for 2 reasons; 1 I could count the rowing toward the 100k challenge and 2, I have a 1/2 Marathon on Sunday.

I only did 20 pullups instead of 30 cause I just didn't have much in the tank.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Even though Eva beat my ass this morning,
Still good times workin out with the 9am crew.
Thanks again to the Serranos for runnin such a
Solid gym!

Go Navy!

I'm goin with Navy!!!!

11:30 game time?
How about Long Beach State vs North Carolina at 4:00?

Gonna miss this one. I'll make it up!

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