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Natalie, you go girl!! Hey, Tom... The hubs and I wanted to thank you for the pointers with the clean and jerks... Mucho appreciated! See everyone tomorrow... Not sure what time, I'm sippin a glass of red wine... Yikes!! Be easy on me, y'all!! :-b

Yesterday's wod.

4 rounds + 2 rope climbs + 11 wall balls (16lbs)

NATALIE who was blushing today when I announced her new Clean and Jerk PR!!!

Great job Young lady, just make sure i get good seats for your first Oly meet.....

And to "Santa" you give crappy gifts, Mrs Claus was laughing as soon as i opened my present and found FRAN folded crisply inside.
Thanks for joining me Brian..

anyway everyone get some good sleep for tommorow's easy romp in the gym.......hahahaha

Sara, get well soon!

Great job today Maya... We held it down for the females....Tom you were hard to catch, but I always enjoy our workouts together... Thanks for pushing me!!
5 rounds @ 5:13
4+22 @15:00

Edgar I miss Deb more, but happy bday big guy

Sarah.... Throw some tape on that ankle!!! Jk jk hurry up and get better honey!!

ANd my deepest regards for Sarah, you'll be back in no time..

Happy birthday Edgar!!!!
Miss playing "throw some heavy weight around" with you in the AM...
May you have many more "Animal style" Birthdays..!!!

Great job today to my beautiful lady and Maya on the rope climb WOD...

155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 215.
Happy bday Edgar.
Sara, i hope for a speedy recovery.


Yesterdays wod 5 rnds + 13 rx'd

Happy b day Edgar!

Happy Birthday Edgar!

Sara, I hope you're up and around soon! Tell Jimmy he needs to wait on you hand and foot until you're better!

Happy Birthday Edgar and Sarah wishing you a speedy recovery !!

A birthday WoD

21-15-9 for time

Animal style Double-Doubles
Tommy's Chili Cheese Fries

Cool down by "mobilizing" a Chocolate Shake

Happy Birthday my friend.

Happy Birthday Edgar!

Happy Birthday Edgar

Great picture!

Rowed 8000m in 38:23

See everyone tomorrow.

Oh-em-jee!! I made the pic for the blog post! :-) **Happy dance** (on my hands of course) ;-D

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