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Suzie, you're not alone. The first time I mastered ghds, I went home with a throbbing headache and nausea! It started with getting dizzy and seeing stars. Is that wrong? :) These should only be done by amoebas that have no the back supposed to bend like that? I'm no contortionist.

I mixed this WOD up so many ways that I may have made up a new one. I started with the GHD sit ups sans ball. After about 15, I got dizzy (hold the jokes) so I went to the wall-ball sit ups. The 2-fer-1's weren't happening either so back to standard wall balls. In the 3rd round I went back to the GHD sit ups and could knock out the last 9.
Does anyone else get dizzy doing those?

The Betsy/John (Jetsy!) Team came in last w/a time of 12:15 using 6# for partner ghd tosses & 14# 2fer wall balls. Beat down :) I'm missing tomorrow so Happy Thanksgiving my little Marina famiky, you've become one of my blessings to be thankful for this year. Huggieeeeeeee!

Academy WOD
145lb dead lifts
24in box jumps
35lb KB swings
Double unders

Jud/Julie thanks for the comments about my speed.... Makes me smile!!! Lol

Angela: Your Cougars are in town in Anaheim for 76 Classic Tournament for a few days.
I expect you to support. LB State is for real this year!!

10:30. Those GHD wall balls (10lbs) were brutal! 14lbs on 2 for 1's.

Ryan Braun?!?!?! Geez, are you kidding me!

Braun, c'mon.

7:40 rx'd..kinda

I'm calling the wall balls "one and a halfers"
Fun to see a big gang around 0700 this morning, especially to see the Weaver clan represented.

Joe, Grady wants to know where you'll be at 1100 (8min from now) when they announce Kemp as the MVP.

11:27 rx'd

6:30 rx'd

No...thank you Brigid! I would've for sure stayed in bed!!
Maya= 13:27 6#WB for GHD's, 10# WB
Brigid =13:42 6#WB for GHD's, 6# WB

Thanks Mariah for being my partner !
Those of you who did the rx'd GHD wall balls this am you are my heroes :-) ....and the two f-ers !!

12:06..not rx'd :)

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