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Oops, I meant 2000 meters... Hehe

Rowed 200 meters, 45# thrusters, 6 sets of 10... Integrated 6 sets of 10 burpees in between sets as well... Ended w/ 4 rope climbs (I finally got it!!!). YEAH-BOYEEEE!!!! :-D
Miss you, Betsy! Sorry you missed my first steps, ha! :-)

Aloha from Kailua! I popped in to CrossFit Oahu today and busted out Abbate in 29:51: Run a mile, 21 clean/jerks, run 1/2 mile, 21 clean/jerks, run a mile. And you all know how much I love running! Miss you guys, but they were nice to me...we swapped CF shirts! Shammi..good on you w/the rope climb :)



Ok... Tom rocked Nancy's behind!! Then left her in bed without a tip!! Glad I was there to witness it! And Jud... I think I can honestly say that you talked more than I did today! And that's almost impossible!! And great work Rob but I'm pretty sure you needed to work harder cause the floor was way too dry!! ;)

2 k row 8: 31
60 thrusters with 45 # bar

half mile run 3:49

Jud... Your right.... The only time we should be talking about today is Tom's Nancy Time.... Killed my previous time of 13:22 with a smoking time of 12:37.... Way to go babe knew you'd kill it!!!! Super proud of you..... However you do know I will have to beat that time as well.... Just like keeping you on your toes!!!

No fair posting a clock..even though the vise-grip-o-death foot lock was very impressive.
Secondly, I found myself totally CRAVING a DQ cone!!! What could this mean.

Also, Jules, was it Ricotta Cheese or Mascarpone that you recommended for that recipe?

Have a restful weekend, and remember, problems only get bigger if you do nothing about them!

Thanks to all our veterans out there and those who are no longer with us!!

It is because of you all that we can CrossFit and eat paleo day after day...

This country owes you all a debt of gratitude..

45# thrusters, 6 sets of 10, rope climb in between sets
Had no appetite for my usual post WOD Greek yogurt.......very curious

65# heavily graduated
Multiple rounds of Chat ups.

I imagine Suzie is good for a half marathon or something...

Good times working out with the morning crew(Jud, Kim, Julie, and Mariah) Welcome aboard Darren. Have a good weekend, see you all Monday.

2k row 8:15

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