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4 rounds
knees to elbows for L-pull ups
good mornings for back ext
sit ups with 15#

6 rds: 15# for both & knees to elbows...good stuff! Great energy tonight, kids! Thanks for my fun birthday week...have a good weekend :)

6 rds + 400 + 40 reps (5 short!)

20lb db's & L pullups

6 rds: 15# for both & knees to elbows...good stuff! Great energy tonight, kids! Thanks for my fun birthday week...have a good weekend :)

10 sit ups short of 6 rounds...OR
5 rounds plus 35.
Used 15# dumbbell for both sit ups and back extensions
It's still knees to wherever I can lift 'em. I'm proud, though, that I did all 10 lifts in all rounds without ever touching the ground. It's progress. Someday I'll catch you guys, someday.
Have a great weekend and be good to yourselves and others.

7 rounds.

15 pound dumbell for sit ups 12 pounder for back extensions.

Complete as many rounds in 30 minutes as you can of:
Run 400m
10 L-Pull-Ups
15 Back Extension with 25 pound plate
20 Sit-Ups with 25 pound plate

7 rounds
Way to go night crew....

You know work has been busy bcs I havent posted in a few...
Definetly miss the Wods with the AM/PM crews.
Todays wod was a gasser especially in this heat!!!
Although looks like the chatter is as usual.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those involved, related and affected by the tragedy in Seal Beach.

As for Saturday (tomorrow) ALL are welcome to join the festivities at the Elysian Park Academy.. It will be a good cause for a fallen warrior "Randy Simmons" There will be a 5k and a CrossFit challenge. All for a great cause. And yes Jud I wil attempt to represent!!! Hope to see some familiar faces, I wil be there at 0dark00..

Looking strong brother! Wish I could do the 5k but I have 2 football games and 1 basketball hard!

Awesome work 0900..PR for every man, woman and child!
Sorry Julie, wrong class time again for you. I appreciated the fact that although you were unable to be an athlete, you were a fine athletic supporter. Next time pom-poms would be nice.

7rounds + 100m

btw: someone just asked me in the store, "Hey, did you get a free T shirt with that free T shirt?" My answer, "Yes, but I had to work for it."

Have a nice weekend all, and represent us proud at the Police Academy!

6 rnds + 400m rx'd

6 rounds, 400m run & 9 reps rx'd

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