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    On a Drop-In basis: $20.00. Monthly Unlimited visits are: $170.00

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Thank you all very much for your kind words!!! Puts a smile on my face!!! Way to go Suzie and Betsy!!!
Betsy are you catching me on some o these wods??? Lol

Way to kill it today everyone!!!

I won't be joining you the rest of the week.... I'm off to Vegas to compete and hopefully bring back some gold medals for ya all!!! I'm competing in the police and fire games out in Nevada... My events this time around will consist of power lifting/crossfit event/ and softball!!! Hoping to be as "Blairfit" as I can and show them that Marina doesn't mess around!!! Keep up the good work boys and girls!!! Proud of ya all!!!

17:21 rxd Whew! Not bad post-migraine last night & not bad to only be less than a minute behind the namesake of "Blairfit". Sign me up, I'll buy/wear both of those t-shirts! I'm on a mission to be Crossfit Blairfit :)

21:42 with 10" box plus 45# plate. First time jumping beyond the 10" box; yay me!
Oh yeah, I ditto Chris's desire to be "Blairfit". Hmm, I see a tee-shirt in the making. That and "I drink the Crossfit Kool-Aid".

Chris.... Way to go on the first RX'D wod buddy!!! Proud of you!!!
Side note..... Love "Blairfit"

First Rx !

Got Chicked ( beaten by a girl) by not once but 3 women.

I wanna be Blairfit. Yes I invented the word.

Mariah.. It's Kristina's bday not mine silly... But thank you for the compliment!!!
Way to bring the heat TEAM 9AM.... You all killed it!!!
Angela way to bring it today!!!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady!!

Ariana: 21:15
CJ: 19:50
Zack: 16:25
Sarah: 20:33
Chris Y. 15:06
Kim H.: 21:25
Rob: 17:36
Fernanda: 17:58
Blair: 16:33
Chris: 18:09
Casey: 19:41
Janine: 17:16
Grania: 19:40
Joanne: 17:42
Noreen: 13:41 (2 rounds)

Bobby: 16:05 (yesterdays Wod)

Jeff: 16:58
Mike T: 18:21
Babs: 20:38

Happy Birthday Kristina! Hope you have a great day!

Happy Birthday Kristina!

Sean: 16:06
Josh: 16:10
Miles: 16:20
Angela: 16:23
Bob G. 17:01
John L.: 17:08
Nicole: 18:32
Pat: 14:31


Yummy! Looks like CA Chicken Cafe in LA :)

Okay, where did you get the meal? It looks tasty.

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