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Hey Suzie, here's Saturday's wod, compliments of Mike Asher. Teams of two, Partner A does all cardio first, Partner B does other exercises, then switch. Ready? Here goes:
Team runs 800m together
1000m row & 75 shoulder presses (45#/35#)
Church run w/log & 50 double unders
1000 m row & 50 push ups
Church run w/log & 30 box jumps (20 inches)
Team finishes w/800m run together....good times! :)

16:42......85# front squats, ring push ups. I'm w/Suzie...ring push ups are super hard, something to work on. Thanks for commisserating w/me Rory & Grania :)

Hey Suzie, I saw our photo! Isn't Mama Denise the best photographer around?! See everyone tomorrow...

Would somebody detail Saturday's WOD? Betsy told me but I'd like to go over it again. It must have been epic!

8 rounds 45# bar
10 ring push ups, 5 girl push ups.
Holy smokes! Ring push ups are tough. I can feel it already. Tomorrow ought to be interesting!

6 rounds. 65#

2 rounds ring push ups 4 rounds sit ups.

Couldn't do any more push ups.


38:27 (115lbs).
I was down to 1-2 reps on the ring push-ups on the last round!

24:45 rx'd

23:34 #155

32:20 rx'd ouch..

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