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good 2 b back too!! 45# 10#wb slo and easy 21:something, ang u still killed it!

19:10 with 22# barbell and 10# wall ball.
Adam, Crystal and I ran 1/2 mile post WOD.

25:23 #45/ 14WB Jenn
14:56 Rx'd Black Swan

Great Time Mr.Bill & The White Swan.

Tom, this definitely was a mind @#$% of a wod. Every time I put the weight down and step back for air I see Jeb and Randy picking it right back up pushing thru a little more. These guys don't ever come up for air. They definitely take the 5pm class to another level. Love working out with the swans.

14:17 rx'd

14:28 rxd...great job swans

Great job to all those at the 9/10 classes, I know some of you went rx'd but kudos to those still smashed who either mod'd or opted out.. this wod is a perfect example of how easy it is to deviate from good form as fatigue sets in...

Bill for you hard chargers at night its possible!!!
dont psych yourself out this early in the game!!!
You and the Swans need to get after this one...

33:20 wall ball 10#, snatch 22# bar

25:05 rx'd


30 10 5

6 lb wall ball

22 lb bar Power Snatch.


16lb ball; 55lbs: did 15 ground to overhead & 15 overhead squats each round.
Mods, mods, mods.

I sort of miss the afternoon people.

Thanks White Swan, I thought sub 15 minutes was possible until I saw your last time.

19:53 rx'd

Last time we did this wod:

30:05 rx'd

28:28 rx'd
It's good to be back :)

Lookin good Deb!!

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