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Yes, Tom's beard just spoke in the third person.

Sunday...where's the rest? Ran 6.28 miles with my dogs.
Thanks Blair!

I "iced" my thights w/ice packs. I guess it's not the same but it helped.
Why is it always 2 days later that my thighs kill after these kind of wod's?!?!
(not as bad as the 400m walking lunges! that is the worst!)

Jud yeah ice bath is key.... especially after that volume
1-3 min in and same rest...dont shiver!!!

And of course the beard has something to say!!!

Ok, It's Sunday...and I can't move without pain! Sitting, standing, all hurts. Did the ice bath provide any preventative care? Hope you're all having a great rest day! Especially you, Tommy's Beard.

And Betsy, that's a fire breather time!!

Was it the comments, or just the sheer force of Tom's beard that crashed the system?

Manion on Friday - 36:12 Rxd Whoop whoop!!! :)


Suzie way to kill it girl!!! Your doing amazing and looking amazing!!! Keep it up woman!!!!

Yes Joe!!!!

tommy: Are we allowed to comment?

In case anyone missed it somehow my beard is even posting on yesterday's comments.....

swans....beards....what's next???

Well CrossFit Marina community.... It was brought to my attention that we crashed the system yesterday and SteveO had to adjust the "comment allotment" Meaning all this positive chatter shows how strong we are inside and outside of the gym..

Great job to everyone who intelligently mod'd the hero wod and paid due respect!!

Friday's WOD 7 rounds with mod of 10# plate for squats. 40:00.

JEnn: yesterdays wod 4rds at rx weight 21:0? Didn't have time for all 7..but still a killer!

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