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Tom's Beard.... You lost me...

Blair, I've always liked you. And that is why I'm surprised you wish to draw attention from my stature, my character, my wisdom, my presence, my, dare I say, power.

Greg, thanks again for running the 4 pm class. Fine job.
3 rds w 125 @ 12 something,tabata push ups pull ups afterwards.

Damn you Japan!!!!! Damn you!!!!

Blair: Ouch! Ok, on most wod's. Please, don't take it out on me just because Japan won!

Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaa Deb!!!

40:41 rx'd :(

Jud I liked the goat.....
Deb post your damn time!!! I know you did fine!!

Tommy...I'm diggin the Opie Winston possibility. I think my recent (and terribly popular) facial hair attempt more than speaks to my jealousy of said "goat". PS where's your damn time...I know you blasted this thing as usual!!?

Joe rx'd weight for women was 95lbs buddy....

Debbie: you're always crushing the wod's. Nothing to be ashamed of at all!!

5 dead hang pull-ups
10 snatches (65#)
10 burpees broad jumps
4 rounds: 15:10
Happy Friday!

Really Jud.... Referring me to one of your wrestling heroes who's sole purpose was a mouth piece... But not bcs he was good at it but bcs he got old, fat and slow!!
I will ignore that comment and refer you to Greg L who chooses a better reference such as a white "Kimbo Slice".
Or you may even prefer this:
Opie Winston??
Whatever it may be Im sure it's in total envy....LMAO

4 rounds 65# 27:54 slow as molasses running
I'll represent in another wod Blair-NOT this one!
Good job on the rx

5 rounds...rx'd weight 26:48

Blair, I suck at running so I don't want to post my miserable time. :(

Blair: the guys give me a hard time for using the girls' RX weights so I guess I'm representing.

Ladies where you at!!!! Represent!!!

37:29 (75lbs).
I could barely run on the 7th round.

SS 42:40 Rx'd
Followed by 3 x 2 min ice bath!

Way to go Chris!!!!

4 rounds air squats only 13:13

End of week 2 at Cross Fit

33:10 rx'd
Not even CLOSE to being done taking about Tom's beard!!! In fact, just warming up. The Captain Lou Albano Starter Kit (complete with multi colored rubber bands) is in the mail!

Blair and Denise thanks for all the coaching! Couldn't have done it without you!

Hahaaha Thanks Honey!!
32:45 rx'd
Did it for a Hero..... And of course Jud.... Always a pleasure!!! Glad I could be there to motivate you!!! Hehehe
And are we done talking about Tom's beard??? Greg???

Blair- great job on this WOD, working back and conquering!!!
She has great form....!

Who's that mysterious man on top???
Good to see you Justin!!!

46:09 rx';d

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