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Yay Mariah!! :)

Way to go Mariah you ROCK !!!

great time today !!

13:18 w/ring..what are the called? Jumpers? Worked on transitioning. When I grow up I wanna be like Mariah...Friend, you're motivating! :) Good job Suzie! Celebrate all those improvements. Coaches Peter & Denise, thanks for the tips!

12:43 rx'd

13:33 with standing ring pull ups. What's of interest is that used to be my mile time. Now that mile also includes 30 reps.

Denise, every now and then the old Guy has to teach these youngsters wassup!

Mariah, you are truly a bad a$$. Nice work!

Will: 11:53 RX'D

It was fun to watch you skip your last 800 meters.

Jeb: 16:54 rx'd

Nik: 18:25 ( 28 muscle up progressions w/ blue band)

Jeb/Randy, nice work tonight! Very respectable times!

Good job Mariah!!! I'm jealous!

Jud: nobody can be like the McCourts.

Great job Mariah!!!! Rxd girl!!!

35:37 RX'D :)

I'm in...have to pay my gym fees first...I'm about 3 weeks late (so I'm afraid my ownership would be just like McCourts)

23:54 (jumpers).

Jud: let's buy the Dodgers.

Awesome depth J-9!!

13:57 (I think) rx'd
one miss..didn't tape today so thrashed wrists.

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