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11 rounds with every mod in the book! Used the rings to lean back and pull back up and then jump. Used 10# dumb bells for shoulder presses and 25# kb.

11 rds + 1 MU

Thanks tommyboy! fun times with you and Bobby G...
And I'm throwing my support for Greg and Fri night class too. Loved the structured warm up, cool down even some jump work,& just overall enthusiasm!

Greg Thanks for a fun warm up & cool down? Glad to have you back. Yeah for fri nights!
6 rds +4
6 ringpulls & bar dips blue band
4 handstand pushups 1/2 rom
8 kbs swings 26#

GREG>>>>>> THE MAN.... THE MYTH!!!
Glad to have you back brother, along with your structured class
Love It, mobility, warm-up, WOD, light tabata
Its been a beat down week, glad I could end it with your guidance
Very inspiring as a trainer

great job to everyone this evening putting it all out there...
Masher...Killing it bud
Chris... welcome to the suck!!

Great workout. Welcome back Greg, enjoyed the warm up and the cool down.

8 rounds. Pull ups/ring dips, 1 abmat hspu, 70 kb

5 rounds...Muscle Ups, 1/2 ROM HSPU's, 26# KB

Thanks Joe! :)

8 rounds + 6 muscle up progressions
...and a battle wound

12rds+6 (M/U off of 45plate, hspu on dip bar, 35lb kb)

Did them the Japanese way but NCAA approved.

Good job Mariah on the muscle-ups.

10 rounds + 2 m/u's + 1 hspu rx'd

Jenn: 8rds+6 35#, 6pull-ups/dips 1abmat hspu

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