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Better late than never...

I swiped the 6:00 PM class roster, here we are:
Marianne: 9:28/6:38/4:46/2:18
Jason: 7:01/5:34/3:44/1:35
John: 8:43/5:56/3:48/1:45
Betsy: 8:14/5:58/4:02/1:49
Crystal: 7:11/5:35/3:35/1:38

Randy: 5:46/4:13/3:00/1:25

I ran all the legs together as I didn't have a minute to spare. So 2.5 miles in 31:05 without any stops.
Crystal, for not liking running you run like a gazelle.

1 Lap = 400M

OK....Fine Jud... I really just wanted to watch those "Assets" infront of me.... Thanks again for that extra push!!!


Third choice....let's not do it at all...that is serious pain!

Respect your elders...WTF! I thought you said you wanted to watch my butt jiggle...dang!

BTW is it the FGB vote or the running that has blown up the comments today, geez!

Thank YOU for the push Jeb! I was relieved when we got back and I saw our time. You were movin!!

No worries Nikki...I figured that was what happened. I thought you liked the running ones though :)

Awesome job Blair!!

School Track (one lap = ???)

4 laps(8:13), 3 laps(5:26), 2 laps(3:32), 1 lap(1:29)
rested 3, 2, 1, minute in-between

I think my second run (1200) was supposed to be 4:36 not 5.....

Blair..really slow/slow/not as slow/ average

Masher what were your times???

Thanks Jeb!!! Felt good..... And Jud.... The only reason I let you win was because my mother taught me to "respect my elders" so I thought I'd let you win this one... Thanks again for your help!!!

Not important Jud......bottom line is that she has nothing on you.

Nice mile fast like ostrich.

...this probably ISN'T that important to include, but it was the only run I did for the day...does that matter?!!

Other than that..not much to report, oh yeah did totally DUST Blair on our last 400m >

Row - 8:37/2k, 6:20 1.5k, 4:06 1k, 1:56 500m
Sat FGB!

Fgb on sat!!!!

My vote is for Sat as well.

Subed Diane today...4:49 rx'd

Running times: 7:34/6:16/4:09/1:49

My vote is for Wednesday but that's only because I cant be there this Saturday :(

Sorry I didn't make it his am Ang- I was up and Jeb told me the change, I crawled right back in bed!

Saturday Please...........As for today, thanks for pushing me on the 1st run Angela and for kicking my butt on the others.......much needed.

I say Saturday too! My backs a little jacked up right now so the extra time will be nice :)

Jeb: 6:02/5:07/3:12/1:31

Angela: 6:10/4:59/3:08/1:31

Good job today everyone! That was a killer!

I say Wednesday

Ok, this blows! I hate running...

So if your scoring this so far, it's 2 for Saturday and none for Wednesday. Masher...Tuesday is not an option.

Main race on Sunday, celebrity race on Saturday, all the fun starts on Friday!!!

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