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Have a safe trip guys!

Has anyone seen the athlete profile on that cool guy that won the Socal Qualifiers and is going to win the 2009 games? I heard he goes to a local Crossfit and is a really nice guy.

Corey, on behalf of the rower group this morning, we subbed it for a few reasons: 1) We hate rowing, 2) We need more row work than pull-up work, and 3) We are trying to allow our torn hands to heal up.

The consensus was that it upped the met-con and made the squats more "fun." I recommend it. Or, you could do Tabata with row, pull-ups, push-ups, then squats... That would suck.

Thanks Linda for the post. Everyone enjoy your weekend and boys have fun up North!

Joe 345
Jud 341
Justin 358
Tracy 364
Sabrina 221
Linda 386
Julie 306

Lisa. 370
Kim H 340
Chris. 338
Brent. 343
Sean. 227
Ruben. 300
Derek. 305
Pat. 330

Nice work everyone this am. I'm curious about the reasoning behind row rather than Pull Ups? Is it to provide a more full body workout or is it tougher or something? I need the help on pull ups regardless. Just want to understand why the sub. Thanks

Jeb thanks for posting!!

Gentlemen going up North for the SoCal Quals,
Have fun && be safe!!

David- 464 w/ row instead of pull ups
Jeb - 371 w/ row instead of pull ups
Greg - 482 w/ row instead of pull ups
Caprice - 275
Angela - 296
Mike S - 249
Mariah - 278
Denise - 298
Amberly - 229
Stepf- 228
Paresh - 365
Jack - 274
Mike R - 325
Corey - 389
Joe - 311
Steve S - 317

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